Most of us might need professional pictures, the reasons being quite different. Model portfolio, catalogue of new products, advertising, picture for a dating site or just as a present to a friend; it all starts from visiting a photographer.

My name is Maxim Zayats, you may also know me as SIRMAX. This site is dedicated to the favorite part of my life called studio photography, CG graphics and animation. Check out my portfolio at Photo and Video pages and if you are looking for something similar — or better — feel free to contact me on mobile or by e-mail. Please, note that some photos posted on this site are 18+ age restricted.

I`ll be glad to assist you!

If you like any of my photos feel free to share it at social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. It`s as easy as clicking on the «Share» button above the photo you like. You can also get a direct link to an image page there.

I work in my own photo studio. Here you can find it`s description, address, photos and location map. Come visit me soon!

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